Does Marketing Create or Satisfy Needs?

Posted: December 13, 2011 in My Masterpiece

To answer these questions, we must know what market is. Market is the set of all actual and potential buyers of a product or service and marketing is a social and managerial process where by individuals and groups obtains what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others. The traditional view of marketing is that the firm makes something and then sells it.   In my words, marketing is how the producers create value to the customer and receive it by needs and wants. We must know that marketing concept is the philosophy that firms should analyze the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition.

Ever since man started to trading goods, marketing was created. Suppose that marketing was never exist, we cannot buying foods, houses, car, etc. Without marketing, this world is nothing. Marketing involves the satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Marketing has a value creation and delivery sequence that consists of three parts. That is choosing the value, providing the value, and communicating the value.

From my understanding, marketing does both. It creates and satisfies needs of customers. Marketers must use the marketing development’s term to create needs. They must learn how to change in knowledge, behavior, attitudes, or creativity. Then, it helps customers to be motivated to learn and make a decision, helps the customers effectively handle the information and experience, or helps the customers understand the product applications and influences the buying behavior. Marketing also satisfy needs. Marketing creates a transaction for exchanging the product for a value and thus create a satisfaction to the buyer’s needs. Marketing is based on identifying and satisfying customers’ needs profitability. The more explanations are on below.

“Marketing shapes consumer needs and wants”

As human beings, we all need to eat, drink, breathe, sleep, and need shelter. We all have some needs and wants. Marketing has a strong influence on what the customers buys. Nowadays there are many companies compete each other, because of our needs and wants. They try to satisfy our needs and wants by doing so many ways, example by advertisements, sales promotion, direct marketing, sales promotion, etc. Some companies try to make their advertisement to build a need in consumer’s mind even if people were not like the product. If we see so many ads in TV, magazine, internet, or newspapers with the unique illustration, great picture, and so on, suddenly we will like the product that companies provided. The companies make some strategy (push strategy and pull strategy). They make advertising to persuade customers. They hire famous artist to make people happy to see their ads. Advertising and marketing are different, but I think without advertising marketing cannot communicate with customers.

The companies’ goal is to get customers’ attention, attract, persuade and create demand. The companies must know and understand a consumers’ buying behavior, cultural, social, and personal factors. The major segmentation variables – geographic (nations, states, regions, country, or neighborhoods), demographic (age, family size and lifecycle, gender, income, religion, education, and social class), and psychographic are important things for companies. To reach that goal, some companies do act unethical in their promotion. For example, recently, I have a bad experience with sales promotion. The entertainment “company” makes an adding “75%” for playing voucher. I did not know, if to get the “75%”, I must charge for at least Rp. 50,000.00 or multiple. On the advertising, they only say “75%” with the big size letter. I just realized that after I go the charge place. So if we want buy something, I suggested to reading and knowing the advertisement or sales promotion carefully. Because something happens that, you are not satisfied.

The marketers want to make the customer aware of a problem we never knew we had or even better make us worry about a problem we do not have. Some companies will strive to make us buy their product. They will make so many tactics to seduce us as consumer. They try to change our mindset of their product. In this era, people may be a wasteful person. If we go the supermarket, we are making a list what things to buy already. But suddenly, after we seeing the good product with best advertise, we may think “I ever see this products’ ad”, “I want to try it”, “My friend are use it”, so maybe we will buy it, although we never use the product. Therefore, I think this is a part when marketing shape our needs and wants with the product we never use and using push and pull strategy.

Human have so many needs and wants. Human never satisfy with what we have now. People always want more and more. Therefore, that is why marketing exist. We never expected that some product would be popular now. For example, 30 years ago, some people might not think that they need a hand phone, but few people might that need it. If marketers followed this information, they can make some people to need a hand phone and maybe it will not be so popular now. Hand phone has an opportunity to make our communication work speeder and more efficient. Marketing shapes consumers to realize and stimulates this product. That is another example how marketing shape customers’ needs and wants.

People maybe become a greedy person. Because, we always want to buy more and more. Of course, if we have money. I think this behavior can be an opportunity to the marketers to influence the buying behavior, especially for the high – class people. They do not think about how much people waste their money. Of course, more is better. The marketers want to be loss. Therefore, they always shape the customers’ need. As I said before, the marketers use so many ways to make people like their product. In this millennium, it is so possible happens. With the technology, resources (natural and human), and education, marketing process can be a simple process. Not only that, but also the marketers can influence the buying behavior to the customers. Unconsciously, as customers we will be attracted by what marketers do. It is like magic, when they seduce us and we will need their product. Of course, as costumers we cannot blame their act. The marketers will do everything to make us need their product even with unethical ways. The important thing is as consumers we must aware with all that ways, so we will not be a victim of counterfeiting.

“Marketing merely reflects the needs and wants of consumer”

Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of needs back in 1950s and 60s. Human needs are arranged in a hierarchy from most to least pressing – physiological needs (primary or fundamental needs), safety needs, social needs, esteem needs, and self – actualization needs. When a person succeeds in satisfying an important need, he will then try to satisfy the next most important need. God create human with different types. In this world, there are continent, ocean, country, and city. They are different, so are we. I think we have same physiological needs because we cannot live without them.

As customers, we always want quality products, which satisfy our needs and wants. Customers are looking for products and services with best combination of price, quality, and availability. As a human, we are different. There are segmentation by age, gender, nationality, lifestyle, income, and many others segmentation. If, you are female, your needs and wants are different with male. I am Indonesian, my needs and wants are different with American. I eat rice; they eat burger, pizza, and other food. This is why marketers must create and develop attractive product.

Some customers would not mind to paying a higher price for a product or service if we received something with best combination of price and quality. This is a part when a costumer’s expectations on a product or service are, and if these expectations are met continually then they become loyal customers to the particular products. However, sometimes we buy a product with the bad quality that we do not expect it and this is can make the company lose their customers. Therefore, they must apply a brilliant marketing strategy to win the customers’ heart.

I can say marketing is a communication process. The marketers must get involved in a communication stage with their consumer. They must need to know what exactly we want. If not, they cannot satisfy us. In marketing, there are so many processes to satisfy customers. The marketers learn that process. Moreover, as customers, we must realize what we need and want. Therefore, we will know which product or service that we want to use.

I am Indonesian do not eat burger and eating rice, I do not go to the fast food restaurant. For me, burger is only a snack not a primary food. I think when a fast food restaurant is opened in Indonesia, the situation is different when in western and the food is very different. This is can be a important information for the marketers to make their marketing strategy. They must communicate to the customers what we need and want. The customers give a sign or clue for the marketers, so they can find out what customers want and they must be adapted with the foreign environment.

Marketing is about give satisfaction to the customers. “Customer is king”. Customers must be number one. I think that statements are right. We make our own needs and wants, and marketers give what we want. As consumer of one product, I do not even care how the product’s process, I am just know that the quality is perfect and the price is appropriate. Sometimes, as a person we do not know exactly what we need. That is can be a factors why human is never satisfied. I think marketing’s job for helping us to determine our need. They give us some options, so we can choose what we want.

In millennium age, there are so many needs and wants. We need cell phone, laptop, car, etc. Marketing provide all things that maybe we want. If we need cell phone, there are places to provide cell phone with the accessories. It is easy for us to buy something. The marketers always watch our behavior in the market. If we like their product, they strive to keep us as their customers. I think in marketing process, marketers or company must work together with customers to satisfy needs and wants and make their goal become real. As I said before, communication is important for both of marketer and customer. On the other hand, create a feedback. Marketer can get what they want and we as a consumer get the satisfaction. In my understanding, marketing is reflections from my needs and wants.

My conclusion, marketing process is complicated. It is hard to establish whether marketing shapes consumer needs and wants or merely reflects consumer needs and wants. Marketers strive to satisfy customers’ needs and wants. They use many strategies to reach their goal. They also build communications with customers. They try to understand what we want and do not. They make advertising and others marketing channel. They make attractive products and provide the best services.  Yes, marketing can shapes consumers needs and wants by influence customers mind set. They persuade   and seduce us. Sometime, we buy something that we never use. If, we feel satisfy with that, maybe we will buy it again. We do that behavior unconsciously. From that, I know marketing shapes consumers needs and wants already. In marketing, consumers have our own needs and wants. We are different, live in different place, so we have different needs and wants. We show to the marketers what we need and want, so they will know it. As a good person, we must know what exactly we need and want. Marketers may attract our attention, but we must be smart. We buy what we need to buy. We cannot be a greedy person. Yes, human never be satisfied. As long as we have money, we always have demands. I think, marketing only know that their products and services are sold. They only communicate about their products or services. We must be aware with all things marketing provide to us. We must a best decision in marketing.




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